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Hearken to the episode right here:

It’s really easy to get sucked into the minutia of on a regular basis enterprise, to fail in our management obligation and develop into a micro-manager.

Skilled aviation calls for that pilots keep situationally conscious always and battle for the large image.

There are quite a few mishaps all through aviation historical past the place the flight crew acquired hyperfocused on a sure activity or irregular state of affairs, resulting in tragedy.

On this episode, I take advantage of the mishap of Japanese 401 from December 1972 to focus on the significance of sustaining the large image, permitting you to maintain everybody aligned and empowered in the direction of your supposed consequence.

In an effort to battle for the large image you must:

  1. Outline your Sandbox.  Talk clearly to create alignment on what you’re attempting to perform and what you’re not going to do.
  2. Assume strategically & leaving the techniques to your crew.
  3. Hearken to everybody & the whole lot.
  4. Preserve your eye on the long run and desired consequence

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